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Amid the COVID-19 crisis, the global market for Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) estimated at US$ 7.3 Billion in the year 2020, is projected to reach a revised size of US$ 13.8 Billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 9.5% over the analysis period 2020-2027.”- Report by Business Wire survey

  • Post COVID-19 focus on the environment will throw the spotlight on the eco-friendly benefits offered by Smart Meters. Smart Meters helping in reduction of the Carbon Footprint
  • Persistent Power quality issues drive the Importance of AMI in outage management systems & service restoration
  • Energy theft losses reinforces the need for efficient AMI
  • Rise of Smart Cities & Smart Grids are two key trends with the potential to drive revenue opportunities for AMI. COVID-19 Highlights the value of smart cities during times of crisis.
  • Smart Grid: A Critical Part of Energy Infrastructure in Smart Cities & a Revenue Source for AMI
  • Growing Global Interest in demand response (DR) drives focus on AMI as a key enabler.
  • Big Data & Data Analytics imperative for finding value in AMI
  • IoT, Block chain & AI play key roles in Advancing the Efficiency of AMI, Cloud Computing Transforms Smart Metering Market.
  • Growing focus on water Management efficiency against the backdrop of worsening water shortages benefits adoption of smart water meters
  • Government policies for implementing Micro grid solutions
  • Consumer demand for Multiple tariffs and Prepaid smart solutions
  • Privatization of DISCOMs leads to Market competition and demand for IT solutions
  • Growing Global Interest in demand response (DR) drives focus on AMI as a key enabler.


  • Legacy Meter Business ( EPC Contractor/Supplier, DISCOM, Manufacturer)
  • Multiple Head end systems, complicated onboarding of different manufacture’s meters
  • Lack of visibility to demand and supply with the present systems in the utility
  • High cost of software applications ( licenses, annual support, implementation costs)
  • Implementation and Integration challenges due to multiple IT vendors with different technologies
  • Complicated IT Legacy landscape within the Utility ( CIS/ERP/CCMB/FMS etc.,)
  • Understanding of AMI components
  • Lack of domain expertise for System integrators
  • Integration challenges with powergrid.
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Our Oracle Utility Solution Footprint

AMI Implementation Methodology

Our Smart Metering solutions help the customers on

  • Meter data read at configurable intervals
  • Time of Usage (Time Of Usage) metering
  • Event notification
  • Load control (Controlling the load/demand)
  • Remote firmware upgrade
  • Integration with other Utility systems like Billing software, GIS, CIS etc.
  • Integration with other smart grid applications like OMS (Outage Management System), PLM-DR(Peak Load Management and Demand Response)
  • Integration with FMS for installation and activation
  • Utility demanded reports
  • Reduction of system losses
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Our Capabilities

Collaboration with Meter Manufacturers

  • Avon
  • Crystal
  • Nik
  • PCP

Solutions and System Integration

  • Head End System
  • MDM /FMS
  • Integration with Utility applications like CIS and Billing
  • Mobile App for Utility users and end consumers

Meter Installation& Activation

  • Survey
  • Pilot
  • Installation and Commissioning
  • Operations and Maintenance
  • Mobile App for Utility users and end consumers

AMI Training

  • 8 weeks of highly focused training on Electricity Network, Power Sector Trends, HES and MDM concepts and our proprietary MDM solution
  • AMI Laboratory for practical experience

Professional Services

  • Certified AMI Domain Experts
  • Certified Mean Stack Developers
  • MDM Implementation Consultants
  • Mobile App for Utility users and end consumers

Our Competence

Technical Expertise

  • Angular JS/ Angular 8
  • Node JS/Java
  • Mongo/Dynamo/NoSQL dB
  • Android Studio
  • MQ Middleware and REDIS
  • Oracle DB
  • Network and Servers

Functional Expertise

  • AMR
  • MDAS
  • MDM
  • AMI Readiness Audits
  • Oracle MDM Implementation
  • MQ Middleware and REDIS
  • Oracle DB
  • Network and Servers

Industry Expertise

  • Indian DISCOMs
  • Foreign utility companies in Europe and North American geographies
  • MQ Middleware and REDIS
  • Oracle DB
  • Network and Servers
  • Oracle DB
  • Network and Servers

We deliver a complete solution that offers maximum flexibility to meet your needs today and tomorrow