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“Make all Government services accessible to the common man in his locality, through common service delivery outlets, and ensure efficiency, transparency, and reliability of such services at affordable costs to realise the basic needs of the common man”

Allvy offers an array of quality information technology services for delivering government services, exchange of information, communication transactions, integration of various stand-alone systems between government to citizen (G2C), government-to-business (G2B), government-to-government (G2G), Government-to-employees (G2E) as well as back office processes and interactions within the entire government framework in an effective, efficient and user-friendly manner by providing powerful data analytical capabilities for organized information management and enhanced citizen participation.


E Governance Product Suite

Our Solution Implementation Included Following Process

Business Process Analysis & re-engineering

  • As is study and gap analysis of existing functionalities of all the business processes in detail establishment of e governance
  • Identify the customization/ parameterization/ workarounds to be done in the e- governance solution
  • Identify the process/procedure that needs to be modified/introduced to meet the needs of the proposed system

Supply, Configuration, and Installation of the Software

  • Implementation and Configuration of the proposed solution to meet the process requirements
  • Integration of the various other stand-alone applications.
  • Design and prepare test data, quality control, and trial run and arrange acceptance testing of all modules, including a full load and stress test
  • Testing of the configured solution

Data Digitization & Migration

  • Undertake digitization of legacy data which are kept as paper form
  • Identification of data migration requirements
  • Collection and migration of user and master data from legacy and manual systems

Pilot and Go Live

  • Undertake pilot of the solution commissioned
  • Go-Live of all modules of the solution as envisaged with real-time data at all locations

Support and Maintenance

  • System Supports
  • Deployment and supervision of personnel

Project Management

  • Project Planning
  • Risk Analysis
  • Monitoring and Control