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Smart Waste management

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With IoT solutions in place and placing of sensors in garbage disposal points will help civic bodies to keep a track of how much garbage is being disposed in a particular disposal site. In case a particular site exhausts its capacity, garbage can be immediately shifted from the site.

Allvy partners with the world’s top technology companies and OEMs to build a complete smart waste management system through Asset management solution, Route planning for waste collection, Smart Waste monitoring, Monitoring the movement of trucks etc . It focuses on solving solid waste management problems by using sensors, intelligent monitoring systems, and mobile applications.

Smart Asset Management

Smart Asset Management Solutions enables the customer to digitalize their infrastructure which combines RFID tags and stickers, Smart Waste Management System, Mobile App and RFID readers. Our Solutions helps monitor the fill level and location of any container in real-time. It is possible to check the past activities performed on assets.


  • Minimize the issues of overflows, damaged assets, and losses
  • Monitor and manage the current stock and forecast the stock out
  • Increase the operational efficiency and reduce the managerial time
  • Monitor the fill level, location, and movement.

Route Planning and Fleet Management


  • Increase the operational efficiency and reduce the managerial time
  • Maximize the utilization of resources and productivity
  • Geo fencing the fleets
  • Live tracking of fleets

This solution enables the customer to optimize the routes for the collections of the waste and it helps to automatically plan the routes as per the collections requirements. Also, it enables tracking of all vehicles’ real-time locations on the connected devices. The solutions combines Smart Waste Management System, Driver Navigation App, Route planning. Dynamic Route Planning enables to automate the management of the waste collection routes, based on precise pre-defined data regarding waste collection vehicles, depots, bins, landfills/ incineration sides and traffic information. With the solution in place, Customer can check, analyze, and compare the fleet’s performance on driver-based, vehicle-based, and time-based. Customer can track the entire process and new additions and removals can be done easily.


  • Optimize the cost by automatic route planning.
  • No Missed pick up
  • Reduced Co2 Emission

Field Workforce Integration and Reporting

The solution enables the customer to manage the human resource comprehensively. Employee leave status and working days can be viewed easily and digitally by the executives, and seamless communication can be achieved. Most accurate planning can be reached by assigning the tasks to the right employee at right time. Proper maintenance of time& attendance, Shift plan can be achieved through the system.


  • Increase the operational efficiency and reduce the managerial time
  • Monitor Employee activity
  • Digitalize the work force and Workflow