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We at Allvy believe libraries play an important role in the society in promoting “information literacy”*, enabling a society with the much-required information and knowledge resources through its vast repositories.

As an organization, we aim to work across all sectors with – Non-Profits, Corporations, Bilateral and Multilateral Agencies, Governments, Educational Organizations (Schools, Colleges and Universities) and Individuals. Our goal is to create greater social impact through our services and expertise in the field of library services and promoting libraries as a sustainable institution for promoting literacy

As a team, we curate and manage all sizes of projects within – public and private domain, across the spectrum of library services. We make an in-depth assessment of the libraries basis on the client’s requirements and present them with a complete overview of their intended vision. We help them in strategizing/planning their resources, designing their requirements and executing their vision of the library.

In the space of the library domain, we do:


  • Integration of library technical services
  • Analysing the present infrastructure
  • Envisioning the Future

Design Solutions

  • New & Existing Library Designing
  • Space Re-Utilization
  • Benchmarking Common Utilized Spaces for turnkey projects
  • Ecological and Low-Cost Libraries New and Existing Libraries

Library Solution

  • Modernization of Libraries keeping in view with Digital Trends and Utility
  • Hybridization of Libraries
  • Benchmarking of Libraries
  • Mobile Library Programmes
  • Help institutions leverage their services, programs and resources through various interventions
  • Building Social Awareness and Information Literacy Programmes through libraries
  • Ecological and Low-Cost Libraries

Physical Interventions

  • Work with agencies on creating a new community libraries with digital inclusivity; micro–reading rooms equipped with books, computers and the internet
  • Work with educational institutions in planning, strategizing and building/ renovating their libraries through strategic interventions
  • Revive old and existing public libraries on a turnkey model
  • Work on solutions of automation of library and library services – LMS / barcoding /RFID,digitized resources– journals/ magazines/ newspapers/ AR & VR based solutions
  • Technology integration
  • Training and capacity Building of library stakeholders – Librarians, Library Staff and patrons